Rideau Valley Hearth and Home provides you with a wide selection of wood and gas stoves. Names that have earned the trust and confidence of the industry such as Regency, Hampton and Jøtul. For detailed information on any of our stoves please visit our suppliers sites, you will find links to their web sites on our suppliers page.

The Regency® Classic™ Wood Stove is the product of advanced engineering and classic design. Regency's® versatile modular base gives you the option to choose between a distinctive pedestal model or one of three elegant leg styles in cast iron, 24 karat gold plated cast iron or brushed nickel.

All Regency® Classic™ Wood Stoves offer wide view doors so you can watch a roaring fire for up to 10 hours with just one load of wood.

The efficiency of up to 77% means any room can be heated quickly.

When you purchase a Regency®, you own an award winning product designed for great looks, ease of use and superb performance. Quality is engineered into every component, from heavy duty steel to genuine gold plating. Each Regency is backed by the most comprehensive warranty program in the industry.
Choose the enduring beauty of 24k gold plated doors and legs. Regency® includes an incredible lifetime warranty against tarnishing so that it will not require constant cleaning like brass.

Since 1853, the first name in cast iron wood burning stoves

A warm, wonderful centerpiece for your hearth and home. This furniture quality cast iron stove is the largest non-catalytic cast iron woodstove in the world. Durably built and superbly crafted, the Jøtul F 600 Firelight CB offers both front and side loading convenience in a classic design inspired by colonial American furniture. With a screen for open door fire viewing, mobile home approved leg bracket kit, outside air adapter, bottom and rear heatshield, and a choice of four enamel colors, this is a complete home heating system with unparalleled design.
Jøtul's exclusive open-door fire viewing feature has been incorperated into the new Allagash gas stove. With handsome detailing and efficient operation, the new Allagash makes a warm, welcome addition to Hearth and Home.



Pacific Energy has been hand-crafting clean-burning wood stoves – and other high efficiency wood burning appliances –
for 30 years.

We pioneered wood heat technology and are continually innovating.
We combine our industry-leading designs with premium Porcelain Enamel finishes, the best lifetime warranty in the business and our firm commitment to your satisfaction.

Spectrum Classic
black enamel with brushed nickel radiant door and legs

Choose from this array of  stove colours and leg & door finishes

The Alderlea T5 demonstrating the Concealed Cook Top


Blaze King® Classic Wood Stoves provide the optimum heating efficiency from solid wood fuel. When wood is initially burned in the firebox of your stove, as much as one third of the woods energy is released as gases and liquid/vapor materials. Blaze King® catalytic combustor stoves capture these gases and materials and "burns" them instead of allowing this valuable energy source to escape up the chimney. This secondary burn capability means greater heat output and cleaner emissions from the wood consumed. Your overall consumption of wood is reduced while your heat output is increased.